Liberating Inner Eve;

From Constraints of

Historic Conditioning

to Boundless Personal Power


My Christian Woman's

Self-Esteem Guide-Book


WHAT women SAY

" This book is so incredibly empowering and enlightening for women of all ages and faith systems, whether they have dealt with body issues in the past and/or issues of self-confidence, this is the book you didn’t know you desperately needed to read." 

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Every chapter of "Liberating Inner Eve: From Constraints of Historic Conditioning to Boundless Personal Power—A Christian Woman’s Guidebook" works through a commonly encountered social and historic challenge that constrains women’s experience of personal power...

Each chapter’s exercises and reflections guide readers in realizing a deeper sense of self-love, confidence, and inner strength, while growing in faith!

  • Explore your perception of a Christian woman’s identity

  • Learn empowering coping strategies

  • Redefine your relationship with your body

  • Apply Christian examples of mindfulness to your everyday life

  • Transform personal/social/historic restrictions that impact your self-esteem

  • Readers' Favorite Gold Medalist in Biblical Counseling Genre