Empowerment begins with solitude

Reconnecting women with their inner sacred center of personal power, creativity, inner calm, love, hope, and faith...using mindful journaling

If we haven't bumped into one another at Officeworks, Australia's leading stationary supply store (I'm the mother of two young boys trying to steal a few moments in the journal and notebook isle)—Hi, I'm Bozena.


I'm a counseling psychologist, passionate about supporting women to re-connect with their inner sacred center of personal power, inner calm, love, hope, and faith…using mindful journaling techniques, and here is why:


Getting lost in our roles


Many of my clients feel defined by their roles and the social and family expectations that come with them, more so than by their unique person-hood (which includes their inner experience and dreams that lurk beneath the surface). Often when I ask them about what their interests are outside of their caring roles, they may find it difficult to express what these are...

They may feel resentful around being “expected” to meet others’ expectations, without as much weight being placed on the consideration of their own inner experience. They may feel "lost," or that they are, at times, giving away too much of their personal power. 

“… we are heirs to a history which has conditioned us to a remarkable extent. In every time and place, this conditioning has been an obstacle to the progress of women … restricted by their serving role.” Saint John Paul II

Empowerment begins with solitude

Empowerment takes root in moments of solitude, whether  we are sorting through our inner experiences  from a place of reflection and inner wisdom, taking charge of our daily plan or goals, or returning to inner spaces untouched by challenges, threats, even stress; reconnecting with our sacred centre of inner calm, love, hope, and faith…

Just like other tools used for of quiet contemplation, like prayer, mindful journaling is my tool of choice for supporting my clients in reconnecting their themselves and nourishing their personal power...

Finally, I derive much spiritual sustenance from depths of Christian spirituality, and whenever I get asked about the secret to my health I am happy to disclose about adding Polish pickles to everything I eat! 


My Transformation Journey

Conceal it, Don't feel it, Don't let it show... A Personal Note...

As a young adult I was very busy. Trying to secure the approval of a potential husband, that is. I thought I would find emotional fulfilment in romance, or in things outside of myself... P.s. I did not, not even close! Just like a cliché, I first needed to find self worth within myself before finding fulfilling relationships with like-minded, soul-driven, authentic tribe members.


And then there was my people pleasing disposition that I was so "talented" at. Literally EVERYBODY liked me, a LOT.... "Bozenka is an ANGEL" was the general consensus.


The approval felt good, but led me astray from owing my personal power—and got me into a stack of uncomfortable situations with the opposite sex. Paradoxically, the more I longed for a future partner's commitment, and tried to earn it with an attitude "I am here to please and make you happy," the less I received it. I let my emotions be affected by people's opinions and reactions, and I was overly focused on taking responsibility for how other people felt.  "Conceal it, don't feel, don't let it show," Elsa's famous lyrics were my own unofficial motto (and for heaven's sake, especially in church!)


My personal power journey went hand in hand with my love of mindful journaling—they are a great match. I feel fortunate to have always enjoyed a love of writing, which I used as a tool to express and reflect on my inner experience. Mindful journaling was my go-to tool for reclaiming control of my mindset, inner experience, and fulfilment.

My hope for this website is for you to find something here that will nourish your connection with your inner sacred center of personal power, creativity, love, hope, and faith. 

With Love,



Official Bio

Bozena is a Multi Award-Winning Author/Counseling Psychologist (MA Psych, Post Grad Dip Psych, Post Grad Cert Peace and Conflict Studies), Gold Medalist in Readers' Favorite Biblical Counseling Genre.

My Non Negotiable Values


“Let us rejoice in the truth, wherever we find its lamp burning.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

Personal Freedom

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  (2 Cor 3:17)

Equality of Worth

 "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." (Gen 1: 27) 



"Love is kind." (1 Cor 13:4-7) 



"The humanization of our society depends on greater involvement by
women in the basic structures on which society is built." ~ John Paul II


"Through his 'artistic creativity' man appears more than ever in the image of God." ~ John Paul II

up close and personal facts and quirks

 I spent my childhood holidays in  a remote country cottage in Poland, in the Bierna village, where I forged my life long passionate love of nature.